Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Blooming beautiful

Box Living draws their inspiration from the natural world. No two pieces are alike; each is hand-carved, hand-assembled, and hand-finished to produce pieces with character, timelessness, and a sense of the unexpected. 

Their most recent launch is the Bloom collection: organic and fresh, the meticulously handcrafted pieces take their inspiration from the spirals and swirls of nature and hint towards the ‘flower power’ 1960s.

With an emphasis on weaving, braiding, carving and woodturning; and use of materials such as antiqued steel, bronze, rattan, mahogany, teak and american oak, the collection is bursting with a life and vitality that inspires and uplifts the soul.

View the catalogue here and feel the warm breezes lifting your heart as we slip effortlessly into a summer that blooms.

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