Thursday, 21 June 2012

Foodie Happenings Coming Up

Glenwood Market in Bulwer Park on Sunday 24 June: Darryl Hofmann and by the Glenwood Community Forum, have put together a morning market involving good food and family activities in Bulwer Park on Sunday 24 June from 10am until 2pm.
The focus will be on fresh and fabulous food. Hofmann has carefully chosen stall holders to create a deli-vibe – allowing visitors to purchase produce from the stalls, and assemble a meal picnic style. Included in the stallholders mix is organic meats; artisan breads; fresh olives; marinated feta cheese, honey, fresh herbs; and fresh fruit and veg.
There will be fun activities for the kids, and the children’s play area is operational. There will also be gift ideas, décor items, arts and crafts on sale.

Whole Food Night Market in a new location off Stamford Hill Rd on Thursday evening 5 July: The fabulous Night Market is on the move again! This time it will take the form of a street market situated in Oldham Road, by the Lizzard Factory, off Stamford Hill Road alongside 190 Stamford Hill, on Thursday 5 July from 6pm until 10pm.
This proactive initiative continues the vision of Hofmann to offer a series of inspired gourmet-events in interesting places. Part of the mission of the Whole Food Night Market is to invite the people of Durban to explore and rediscover the unusual and unfamiliar places in their city. To this end, the market has been at Colombo Tea and Coffee, Umgeni Rd, the green hub and more recently at the Quays Development at the Point.
With the beautiful crisp winter’s evenings, the decision was to take the market outdoors for a while, to the quaint and retro cul-de-sac off Stamford Hill. The idea is to contain the market in Lizzard’s through-fare, and add atmosphere by decorating the area with fairy lights, lanterns and bunting. Fire jugglers will light the way….
Hofmann has carefully chosen stall holders which will create a deli-vibe – allowing visitors to purchase produce from the stalls, and assemble a meal, alfresco picnic style.
Again, there will be plenty to taste and drink. To add ambiance to the evening will be live festive music.
There will also be art, craft, jewellery, gift ideas and decor items – all sourced and produced locally.
There is ample parking in Stamford Hill Rd – with additional security personnel on duty employed by the Market.

Other events coming up:

Litchi Orchard Nite Market 29 June, Umhlali
The Food Market, 30 June, Durban North
Wonder Market, 1 July, Chris Saunders Park,
The Good Food and Wine Show 23 Aug - 26 Aug

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