Thursday, 25 April 2013

Designers on Display and Property Warehouse join teams to bring the home makers dreams to life.

Property Warehouse is a dedicated, permanent exhibition centre, which brings together every component you need to develop your dream home. It’s  got everything you need to kit out your new home or office or, if you are a property developer, every possible sub-contractor you can think of, under one roof.

Working alongside Designers on Display, this innovative concept has taken the Home Décor Exhibition theme and turned it on its head. Imagine going to Decorex any day of the week, any time of the year you decided you needed some interior décor inspiration. Well, Property Warehouse provides you with exactly that opportunity. Come on over and pay their Ballito showroom a visit; you will not be sorry.

If you have a product that every homeowner could want, get in touch with Property Warehouse and become part of this amazing experience. This is your chance to work with suppliers, developers and homeowners to create the ultimate synergy in property development. Click here to email the gurus at Property Warehouse or here to visit their website.

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