Sunday, 11 August 2013

Designer profile: Klee Design

Klee Design
Klee Design
I don’t know about you, but I really battle to know which part of me I want to express in my home. I am never sure how to blend the fun and exciting side of life with the need for a calm oasis. The conclusion, for me, is that when it comes to interior design, I need help. Even if I did know where to start, though, I’m not sure I could find the time to invest in really making my house a home, without a little help from the pros.

Klee Design, based in Westville, offers a comprehensive interior design & décor service. They cater for all your design needs, from soft furnishings & accessories to alterations and complete home makeovers. Before you even begin the design process this group of creative present you with detailed storyboards and 3D drawings of your potential design. You can begin to visualise that oasis while planning your parties before you’ve even begun to transform your space.

15 Queens Avenue, Westville, Kwa Zulu Natal
Contact: Kirsty Lindley : 082 856 9640

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