Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Before I die I want to… write on a wall.

Bucket lists have been all the rage ever since 2007, when Nicholson and Freeman teamed up and jumped out of a plane, and as anyone who has ever drawn up a list already knows, there’s always one thing, one ‘to-do-item’, that is more important than anything else. Vega Brand Communications, together with Moses Mabhida Stadium, is offering Durbanites the opportunity to share these all-important personal aspirations with their family, friends and country-men via the “Before I die I want to…” wall.

Not such a novel concept, the Durban “Before I Die” wall is part of a greater global art project that is aimed at bringing communities together, fostering communication, and inspiring creativity. The movement has its roots in an abandoned house in New Orleans – a seemingly unlikely space that artist Candy Chang used to explore the relationship between public spaces and community. According to Chang “Public spaces can nourish our wellbeing and create a more valuable and meaningful kind of life”.

Our local installation forms part of a larger thesis project by Vega student Marissa Jade Whittle that addresses “re-creating community in public spaces”. The public is “invited to share their aspirations, reflect on their lives and connect with others in a beautiful public space – the Moses Mabhida Stadium”. If you haven’t already, then we suggest you share today. All you have to do is head on over to the stadium where you’ll find a 9m chalkboard painted on a wall near the SkyCar; one where people can write their ambitions and responses to the prompt “Before I die I want to…”

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