Monday, 3 December 2012

Dinner Party Décor DIY: The Chalkboard Table Cloth

If you’re looking for a fabulously creative way to make your mark this festive season then keep reading. Below you’ll find a wonderfully easy tutorial from the ladies at Hey Look, a great blog filled with DIY guides and party inspirations, that’ll lend a bistro feel to your fun-filled evening. What are we talking about? Well just sit back and discover how to create your own Chalkboard Table Runner.

Firstly you’ll need a piece of oilcloth cut to fit your table. Then it’s some blackboard paint and a brush or paint roll. Paint the cloth carefully - make sure not to use too much paint, otherwise the runner will be too stiff when dry. Just use enough paint to cover the cloth entirely. Hang it up to dry overnight then you can lay it out on the table, scribble on your menu or some greetings to your guests. 

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