Sunday, 30 December 2012

What is it about bread?

While scrolling through the numerous lists of Creative Packing complied by Bored Panda, we noticed a trend - bakers come up with some great ideas to package their goods. 
Who's your Gnomey?
Slightly cheesy, but still funny packaging for Japanese black melon bread
This one was part of a breast cancer awareness campaign.
Now this turned out to be a highly lucrative idea: “We got into cooperation with bakery that supplies bread to neighborhood stores. Together we created FIT BUNS — a branded healthy buns with coupon for a free visit to fitness center inside the box. Results:2996 packs of buns sold the first month. 658 people came for a trial session, 217 purchased membership cards. That increased the number of fitness center clients by 25%. FIT BUNS sales generated 115% return on investments.” (Advertising Agency: MEX, Ukraine)

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