Friday, 22 July 2011

KZNSA exhibitions

Exhibitions open Tuesday 26 July 2011 at 6pm, all welcome.

Exhibitions close 20 August July 2011.

KZNSA Gallery
166 Bulwer Rd
Glenwood, Durban
031 277 1705

MAIN Gallery

‘LOCATION” - Block A ,Thokoza Women’s Hostel

A  new photographic installation by Durban photographer, Angela Buckland.

Buckland presents 700 small photographs that together form a large-scale installation that depicts the beauty and intimacy of each hostel resident’s living space.  


Phenomenal Engagement.

The exhibition is collaboration between Chris and Marlene de Beer, both lecturers in the Fine Art and Jewellery Design department at DUT. It shows and mingles their pre-occupations and, in the process, extends the boundaries of what is normally considered jewellery. One of the central issues that are explored is traditional perceptions of women. Theses explorations are done via jewellery design and printmaking and presented as installations.

Multi – media room

Isomorphicintergrammar code switching – Lolette Smith

In this exhibition Lolette Smith, visual arts educator, junior lecturer and South African Sign Language interpreter, creates awareness of the existing elements of culture bound languages within society. By tying together language codes and by making the invisible, visible she enriches our understanding of communication. Visual language used by the Deaf is a meaningful spatial language, which conforms to all the syntactical, grammatical and morphological features of any spoken, verbal language.

Park Contemporary Gallery
A showcase of works from five artists. Digital prints by Peter Engblom  that explore the ripples that lie beneath the surface of the mind. Anthea Martin presents watercolour landscapes. There are large-scale charcoal drawings by Tori Stowe, prints by Cally Lotz, new work by Joseph Manna and monoprints and lithographs by Thami Jali.

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