Saturday, 12 January 2013

DIY concrete stepping stones

The start of a new year is always marked with resolutions, renewals and reinventions. If you’re thinking of taking this philosophy into the garden then we recommend you keep reading. Below you’ll find an incredibly easy tutorial about creating concrete stepping stones from the peeps at Home Dzine.

You'll need:
A large leaf from any plant that has large veined leaves.
Quick set cement
Large cardboard tube or cake ring
Spray 'n Cook

Note: Whatever you use as a mould for the stepping stone should fit nicely over the leaf. You want to show as much of the veins on the back of the leaf as possible. The more veins your leaf has, the more detailed the stepping stone will be.

Spray the inside of the mould with Cook 'n Spray to make it easier to remove once the cement has set. Place the leaf on a flat, level surface and position the mould on top of this.
Mix up the cement and pour into the mould. The cement doesn't need to be any thicker than about 4cm, any thicker and the cement may not set properly. Leave to cure for the recommended time and then carefully remove the mould to reveal your detailed stepping stone. Now you are ready to make the next one.

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