Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Easy & trendy - the DIY scarf watch

This is a quick, snazzy tutorial from 'a pair and a spare', a clever do-it-yourself fashion blog from Geneva Vanderzeil. (FYI: If you love this tutorial then you gonna want her book DYI Fashionista. Click here to find it online)

You need:
A watch with a removable strap
A slim silk scarf

Take the arm straps off your watch. Try using a needle to push the pins out and then remove the arms.
Take the pins out of the straps.
Put the pins back into their sockets of the watch.
Thread your scarf through the pins so that it forms the straps of the watch.
Pull the scarf through so that the lengths of fabric are even on each side of the watch.  
Finally, wrap the scarf around your arm - you can tie the scarf in a big bow or a small knot to secure.

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