Wednesday, 30 January 2013

World of Dogs & Cats heads back to Durban

South Africa’s most exciting pet event, The World of Dogs and Cats Pet Exhibition takes place at the Durban Exhibition Centre from 22-24 February.

The exciting family event which was first held in Durban in 1996 includes arena events showcasing various dog breeds in a Best of Breed competition as well as in obedience, agility, dog jumping, carting and fly ball. There is a nail-biting  60- Weaving Pole Challenge for dogs as well as a Celebrity Challenge which sees local celebs trying their hand at taking dogs around an agility course. A  Hall of Cats  with many different breed of felines is sure to enthrall cat-lovers.
Plus there is a whole lot of live pet action with a spectacular Pet Fashion Show, dog breed parades,  dancing with dogs displays,  the popular canine survivor competition and pony rides for children.

Both Dog and Cat Breeders will be on hand to provide helpful information on owning a particular breed. For those in need of a pet with a difference there are  birds, fish, pet rats, spiders, frogs, snakes, iguanas and all sorts of other interesting creepy companions.

Pet food manufacturers, pet healthcare companies, pet product and accessory suppliers, trainers, animal welfare organisations, dog and cat clubs and many more will be offering information and advice on owning a pet.

The World of Dogs and Cats and Pet Exhibition provides an avenue to learn more about different dogs, cats, reptiles and other fascinating creatures and the joys as well as the responsibilities of being a pet-owner.

 Tickets available at the door at the Durban Exhibition Centre or at Computicket. For more information go to or email*

*Taken from the World of Dogs & Cats and Pet Exhibition press release.

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