Friday, 10 May 2013

Tom's Art Verno: bringing the world's top artists into your home.

Looking to add class and elegance to your home or business? Then, welcome to South Africa’s premier art vendor: Tom’s Art Verno.

With both local and international branches, Tom’s Art Verno offers clients quality pieces from some of the world’s top artists. From ornate frames and oil paintings, to ceramics and furniture, they have an extensive collection that ranges from the Abstract to the Classical. But, it doesn’t stop there.

With a commitment to helping their customers find the best-fit, they willingly provide the services of their team of profession interior decorators. Together you and the team are able to take a comprehensive approach to interior design and choose those pieces that, not only appeal to you, but also don’t clash with the couch.

Click here to discover more about this art treasure trove or you can always contact Gideon at Tom’s Art Verno via 082 445 3662. 

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