Sunday, 12 May 2013

Web Find: Takes the Cake Plates

We spend a lot of time online blog surfing and inspiration gathering, which is how we are able to bring you so much deliciousness. Our latest find is the 'Takes the Cake' plate range and oh, how we love them.

Designed by imm Living, an eclectic group of creatives in Toronto, these cake stands are perfectly quirky and suitably fun. The collection includes a horse, owl, duck and rabbit, all of whom are ready to "elevate any delicious confection to new heights". What's more, you can stack them! 

Wait... look what we just found: Animal Body Containers. Ok, so we're feeling a bit high on imm Living love right now and we doubt the buzz is going to wear off any time soon, especially since we've found out that Youngfolk Co. in Durban are registered stockists.

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