Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Turn up the heat, but not the bill with One Energy

As things get a little nippy outside, we turn up the heat inside and while it’s all very well to have warm fingers and toasty toes, it does do a number on the electric bill. Wouldn't it be nice to reduce your bill by as much as 60%? Hang on a minute. Thanks to One Energy you can.

Committed to providing better solutions for a better world, One Energy specialises in top quality heat pumps, solar geysers, photovoltaic systems and low energy lighting. That’s not all! They also offer a host of services including energy saving consultations and annual product check-ups. It’s not surprising that they’re considered the ‘largest and most successful renewable energy network in South Africa’.

 Find out how One Energy can help you ‘go green’ and save some moola here. You can also contact them via

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