Thursday, 13 October 2011

How Green is my Valley?

By Wendy Manning (Manning Interiors)

As we start to enter into spring, the cosiness of winter things seem to become claustrophobic & the need to peel off and change to all things lighter, becomes very appealing. This happens in the colours & textures of the food we eat, the clothes we put on and décor that we surround ourselves in.
In the fury of the traditional spring cleaning fever, we swap soups for salads, jackets and scarves for skimpies, and then start to look critically at our old, faithful décor and dream of trading it all in for a complete new look!

In these sober economic times, it’s not always possible to spend a fortune on anything new, especially in the décor department, but as any savvy decorator knows, a change of paint colour is the cheapest, quickest and most dramatic way to give any room a lift. This is truly the best seasonal transformation you can do for yourself.

The question is: what is the best hue to bring this Springfulness into your heart and soul?

Well, I have found that Tuscan Glade no 5 (from Dulux) is the colour that ticks all those boxes for me. It has worked so well that I have been using it in homes, doctor’s rooms, spas, salons, offices, absolutely anywhere! It transforms any space, wherever you use it and it really does bring in a refreshed and happy feel to your environment.

What I like about this light shade of green, is that it acts as a barely there colour, i.e. you don’t seem to notice it on the walls, but you notice the painting on top of it or the couch or lampshade against it. It has colour, but it doesn’t shout at you, instead it gives off a gently glow, it just is there, making everything around it look great.

We all need a bit of a boost for this comming season, so why not start with a change of colour and go with the green trend that’s becoming part of every area of our lives?

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