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Trendspotting - Megs on the design scene for Summer 2011-2012

Gentle, natural neutrals bring light
into your home.© ApartmentTherapy.
What do you think are the biggest trends in Interior decor for this summer?

(With thanks to Thea Rossouw for expert advice)

One of the biggest trends you're going to see in 2011 is all about going au- naturel. For years, furniture has had some sort of finish, whether it be dark cherry, java, light maple, or white and black. The new look for furniture is to leave the natural wood grain and finish exposed to create an organic

The two main styles you are going to be seeing a lot of this year is a modern French Country and a contemporary rustic look. With the modern French Country you will see the traditional French Country look such as trestle tables with slat back chairs, but the table may have metal legs. Or, you may add flair to what used to be a very formal dining area by using metal industrial stools instead of all chairs. People love that simplistic country style but the design world has decided to dress it up a bit by adding an industrial feel to the standard French Country style.

While pink has emerged in a support role, look for navy to become a more dominant player for upholstery. After several years out of the mainstream, navy is reasserting itself for consumers who want a look that is classy, yet not as stern as black or as non-descript as neutrals.
  • Gray is the new beige and remember it is now all about texture, texture & more texture
  • Neutrals remain a “hot” trend for 2011
  • The 1980’s are revisited. Expect to see more Teal, Purple , Navy and Golds
  • Large scale prints remain big
  • Texture is still BIG.....more Linens and LESS shine
  • Chenille’s take a back step and makes room for more Boucle fabrics
  • Contrasting piping has made a return back into the new trends

The owl and the bird are big on fabrics, vinyl & accessories.

Blue, silver and teal
creates a sense of peace.
(© Image courtesy of
Home Fabrics).
What advice would you give to someone who is decorating their home without the help of an Interior decorator?
  1. Firstly establish what the main purpose of the room will be.
  2. Decide on a budget and stick to it.
  3. Decide on a decor theme eg contemporary/classic / French country/Retro etc.
  4. Collect pictures and information from magazines and the internet regarding these themes.
  5. If on a tight budget, purchase the main and most important items and build on the room as money comes available. Do not buy second choices just to complete the room.
  6. Buy quality and not quantity.
  7. Make sure every item in the room is practical and enjoyed by all using that specific area or room.

What are your favourite décor stores?

In Durban I enjoy shopping at Weylands, Le Grange & Karin Hatfield. For accessories and special pieces of furniture I love to shop at Above Rubies (via an agent in Durban). Red Rose has beautiful French and antique furniture.

What inspires you ?

Colour, texture and old furniture made new with contemporary fabrics.

What are your 3 favourite things?

I love French consoles in striking colours. I'm addicted to big floppy beautiful scatters ... lots of it!
Raw, untreated rustic wood furniture used with other contemporary furniture adds interest and flair to any room.

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