Thursday, 20 October 2011


Do you ever have one of those days where you just WISH you could walk into your home and find all your chores done? No dishes to wash, no floors to sweep - ok, maybe you already have that. How about, no meals to cook? Imagine coming home to fresh, healthy, delicious food made for you personally, in your own home, by your very own personal chef. Sounds too good to be true? Well honey, get ready for paradise on toast with Pheka.

Pheka (pronounced Phe'ga) is the zulu verb "to cook", and it's the name given by Durban resident Danielle Du Toit to her brainchild. On her website she explains,
i have always had a passion for food and teaching - my extensive travels intensified my interest in food and taught me never to be afraid to try new things - with pheka i now bring exciting flavours into your home in a fresh simple way - allow me to improve the skills of your domestic employee and share with them the joy of cooking.

Pheka is an innovative in-home training programme that brings the joy of cooking to you. Well, to your domestic worker, who shares her new-found talents with you and your family. A typical course costs R1100 for 5 weeks, and runs once a week for a morning. This means you still have the benefit of your household help for the better part of the day, while she is learning new skills each week - skills she can start making use of right away.

As an added bonus, if you team up with a few of your friends and offer these superb lifeskills courses to a group of domestic employees, the hostess gets a discount. What a great incentive to get involved!

Comments from satisfied customers give Danielle the most pleasure, as she sees the fruits of her labour being rewarded by enriching the lives of domestic workers and their busy, stressed employers. Testimonies like this one are typical, and true testament to Danielle's hard work, focus and dedication:
“We have so enjoyed the fruits of Sibongele's labour - my friends are also raving - the ladies themselves had a wonderful time and loving their new skills! I would highly recommend your course (looking forward to the next one!!!!) to anyone."Christine Comaille

To find out more, visit Call Danielle on 072 261 5192 or email

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