Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Pocket Tie

pocket_tie_finalTurn an average everyday tie into a wearable wallet thanks to this helpful instructable from Brit Morin of Brit + Co.
You’ll need:
- a tie
- a small piece of fabric (for the pockets)
- needle and thread
- sewing pins
- snap button
- optional: sewing machine

    Use scissors or a seam ripper to unstitch the back of the tie. Take your pocket fabric and cut a piece that will serve as the iPhone pocket and base pocket layer.

      Iron the fabric. Pin it, lay it in the tie to make sure you’re all good. Sew!
      Repeat with the next pocket, using a credit card to measure the size. Sew the card pocket to the iPhone pocket.

      Now, you need to attach it to the tie. Pin it to the tie so that it doesn’t go through the front. Turn the tie inside out and hand sew the pocket to the inside layer of fabric in the tie.
      Lastly, add a simple snap button to keep the pocket closed.

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