Monday, 24 September 2012

Tutorial: Turning a Watermelon into a Drink Dispenser.

WatermelonHere’s another great tutorial from Brit + Co. Perfect for those summer shindigs.
- 1 watermelon
- 1 spigot kit
- Punch
Note: It's probably good to find a watermelon that can stand up on its own. This isn't essential as you can use a bowl as a stand, but it helps.
Cut off the top of the watermelon. This will serve as your lid.
Scoop all the watermelon out and set aside in a bowl. Pour out any excess liquid left in the watermelon.
Grab your spigot! Hold it up to the watermelon to measure the size hole you'll need. Use a knife to cut a hole that's slightly smaller than the spigot and then press it into your watermelon to test the size. Next, add a rubber ring. Place the spigot in and fasten it with a metal ring on the other side. Most of these pieces should come in a standard spigot kit, but any employee at a hardware store will know what you need. Test your new drink dispenser by filling it with water.
Pour your punch into the watermelon, and voila! A delicious new way to serve a yummy summer cocktail. 

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