Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Elga Rabe: Artistic Genius.

We're delighted to present our newest find: Elga Rabe. Elga grew up on a rural farm in the South African province of Mpumalanga.

After teaching art in Durban for three years, she developed such a desire to paint full-time that she gave up teaching. With very little experience but a great deal of inspiration she threw herself frantically into her artwork. Her very first exhibition was held in a poster store in Durban during 1975 and showcased a variety of mediums. A newspaper write-up gave rise to her immediately selling 75% of the work. This was the beginning of a series of exhibitions in the province of KwaZulu Natal and Mpumalanga, and it was a clear indication of her success to come.

In 1976 she married Dieter Rabe, a maize Farmer in the Greytown area of KwaZulu Natal where she still lives today.

In 1990, only after their four children were much older, Elga started taking her art more seriously again. Her wildlife paintings of the Big Five were soon sought after in Johannesburg. Then she became well known for the way she could capture the African people in their traditional gear and beauty. Her portraits of people are phenomenal! She has the ability to capture not only the exact likeness but also the very personality on canvas. She has grown in strength, proving that there is no limit to how far her passion for painting will take this world class artist.

Elga Rabe has taken part in numerous exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, including the following: The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Antiquarius Gallery New York, New York Art Expo, Philadelphia International Black Arts Festival, Cardiff/South Africa Trade & Decor Show, and in 2006 an exhibition at the United Nations in Geneva.

One of Elga's paintings "The Zulu", hangs in the City Hall of Cardiff in Wales. Chris Tucker, well-known American actor and comedian, has bought one of her paintings. Collectors of her work also include Malcolm Horton, JP Morgan (SA Bank) and KZN Premier, Spu Ndebele.

Elga now sells her paintings mainly on the internet and her work is found in homes all over the world, including USA, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, and Moscow. A few exclusive galleries in South Africa exhibit her work. These include the Johan Smith Gallery and the Blou Donki in Clarens, Silverline Framing and Art in Ballito, Green with Envy in Durban and the Crouse Art Galleries.

The following are the sizes and prices of oil paintings on canvas:

1009-48-flWhite Marilli1600 x 1250mmR30,000
1109-36-wlElephant Bull1600 x 1250mmR30,000
1105-22-emWatchful Herdsman900 x 1200mmR25,000
1111-48-wmPlayful Wild Dogs900 x 1200mmR25,000
1008-41-wmGraceful Creature900 x 1200mmR25,000
1102-10-vsReclining600 x 900mmR16,000
1111-53-wsZebra Chase600 x 900mmR16,000
1202-13-esBrown-and-White Nguni Bull600 x 900mmR16,000

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