Monday, 2 April 2012

Decorland and Misi Overturf tackle 'The Year of the Window'

Professional decor consultant, stylist and magazine contributor, Misi Overturf, has teamed up with DIY window décor specialist, Decorland, to inspire home owners to ‘dress to impress’ when it comes to window treatments.

These decor partners have declared 2012 the Year of the Window – one that will take the daunting out of DIY and inspire people to take a fresh look at their windows as they realise that it is simple – and empowering – to tackle a revamp on their own. The most important message is that everyone can create chic and slick interiors themselves with ease.

For Overturf, who has worked both locally and abroad as a stylist and interiors specialist, windows are one of the most important aspects of home decor. When you enter a room, your eye is automatically drawn to the windows which can set a definitive tone for the rest of a room.

This collaboration is aimed at making everyone feel at home with redecorating by translating trends and lifestyle dynamics into real life projects that can be tackled in the comfort of a favourite room.

“I’ve spent years reviewing trends and lifestyle dynamics and I believe that the ability to create a personalised space resides within everyone, and brands like Decorland make it a lot easier,” Overturf explained.

There will be plenty of hints and tips from Overturf in your favourite magazine and she’ll be using photographs of designer rooms to show readers how they can be translated into the realm of real life DIY decor through choosing, combining and contrasting Decorland products.

For handy advice and inspiration, visit and Misi Overturf’s blog

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