Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Creative Block Gallery

Initiated in 2004, the Creative Block is geared towards giving opportunities to artists of outstanding talent, some well known and others newly discovered.

This is achieved on an on-going basis by providing artists with 18cm by 18cm blank blocks, to be transformed in any media they wish. The benefits for the participating artists are numerous. In the first place, the project provides instant money for works that meet the stringent quality standards. Secondly, it acts as a powerful marketing tool for the artists as it carries the artists’ biographies on the reverse of each work. Very importantly, when artists present their works for selection, they are given critical feedback that has proved exceptionally helpful for their artistic development.

Featured in numerous local and international collections, the Creative Block also functions as a gateway between creative realms – that of the Artist and that of the Art Collector. Through the Creative Block the two worlds are connected, providing artists with a constant source of due acknowledgement, and collectors with an accessible means to acquiring one-off quality works of art.

Creative Block Johannesburg invites you to bring your own creativity into play by curating your own trial collections in the gallery’s experimental exhibition spaces.
+27 11 403 0794
De Beer Street
70 Juta Precinct, Braamfontein

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